The MKSA is a nonprofit 501(C)3 organization.

Membership is free and open to individuals as well as clubs.

We welcome all to join who share the goal of promoting kettlebell lifting in the United States



Kettlebell Sport is not limited by age or gender, it crosses many generations and 50 countries.  KBHS Sport Team includes men and women, from Jackson and the surrounding areas, age 14 - 65.  We compete with athletes who work, raise their families and play in our community, therefore, we see our need  as two fold.   

Participation in and awareness of Kettlebell sport is increasing exponentially each year.  The goal of our governing non profit, The American Kettlebell Association (AKA) and it's regional Association (MKSA) is to advance the sport to the Olympic level.  However, in order to advance the sport, athletes need to be able to increase their participation at national and international events.  Similar to other amateur sports in the US, the ability for an athlete to participate at these levels is dependent upon self funding.  

Kettle bell Hot Spot (KBHS) Sport Team is leading the charge toward growth of the sport and athletes.  The KBHS Sport Lifting team has grown from 2 to 37 athletes in just 6 years and is one of the largest and most competitive teams in the country.  In order to continue this growth and properly prepare athletes for national and international competitions, funding for the following is essential: equipment, proper nutrition, elite-training and support, professional level coaching, individual Kettlebell Training sessions, and travel/expenses for international competitions.

Our intent is to provide financial support to our elite athletes,  sustain KBHS Team USA’s level of competitive excellence and advance the ideals of Kettlebell Sport in the United States to the Olympic level. We intend to accomplish this goal by creating a 501(c)(3) which will aide our abilities to appropriately fund raise and allow:  

  • Our donors to obtain a taxable write-off for any  donations

  • Our team to obtain discounts on US Postal bulk-mail rates

  • Our team to obtain appropriate and allowed discounts on good/services

  • Our team to apply for grants and other public or private allocations available only to IRS-recognized, 501(c)(3) organizations

  • Our team to obtain sponsorship's from individuals, businesses and/or organizationsThese athletes have demonstrated both the desire and ability to perform in an international sport competition.


Coach and owner of Kettlebell Hot Spot, Rhonda Glick has 32 years experience as a Coach and Fitness Trainer with 10 of those years dedicated to Kettlebell Sport and Fitness.  She has trained with renowned Kettlebell Sport Coaches from several Countries.  First and foremost, KBHS main Coach  Sergey Rudnev, MSIC, 5 - time World Champion, 5-time Champion of Russia and the World renowned Kettlebell Sport Coach with International Kettlebell Sport and Fitness Association (IKSFA) .  Along with Sergey Rudnev, she has also trained with Vasily Ginko, IUKL general Secretary and Latvian Team Coach, Hetmanenko Serhiy, Honored coach of Ukraine and AKA Head Coach, Anton Anasenko-GSU president and head coach, Honored Master of Sport in Russia and Valentyn Berbenychuk, president of Ukrainian Kettlebell Federation, Honored Coach, Honored Master of Sport. Rhonda began teaching kettlebell in the basement of her home which transformed into a 4000 sq ft Kettlebell Sport and Fitness facility.  It is the first IKSFA International Training station where athletes from around the world can train at any time.  

Kettlebell Hot Spot has trained over 1,250 athletes, students, children and adults of all ages since it first opened in 2010 creating 37 Sport Team Athletes, 10 NATIONAL RECORD HOLDERS.  It is anticipated that all these athletes could qualify for International Championships as members of Team USA.  Three years in a row Kettlebell Hot Spot has had qualifying athletes who went on to compete internationally on Team USA Kettlebell Sport.   In 2014, KBHS had its first qualifying athlete for Team USA and traveled to Hamburg, Germany.  In 2015, KBHS created 4 Qualifying athletes to compete in Dublin, Ireland.  Year three 2016, KBHS brought 3 of its team members to Aktobe, Kazakhstan.

We have created alliances throughout the Kettlebell Community which has resulted in our success.  It is known throughout the world that Russian team is the strongest team at all World Championships which is why we decided to connect and build bridges with the longest standing Kettlebell Sport Teams and athletes to advance our technique and Kettlebell Sport Knowledge.  Our first allegiance is with The American Kettlebell Alliance (AKA) was founded in January 2012 with a simple purpose: to promote the growth of world-class kettlebell lifting in the Americas. The strength of this purpose has propelled the AKA to become the largest and fastest growing kettlebell sport organization in the Americas.

The goal of the AKA is to promote kettlebell sport in accordance with international (IUKL) standards by supporting individual athletes, coaches and clubs. The AKA achieves this goal by:

  • Providing information about kettlebell training, techniques and skills
  • Organizing workshops, clinics and professional certification programs
  • Sponsoring tournaments and other competitive events
  • Publishing a unified ranking table based on international standards

Today, the AKA is recognized as the official representative of the International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL), the sport’s governing body.  As an international group, we also strive to strengthen friendship and cooperation between nations though competitive sport.

As kettlebell coaches and athletes, we recognize the health and fitness benefits of kettlebell lifting for athletes of all ages.  We actively promote the development of sport masters among athletes at the junior, adult and senior levels. The AKA is a nonprofit organization; we welcome all to join who share the goal of promoting kettlebell lifting.

All AKA members are independent but agree to hold competitions according to the rules and standards of the IUKL.  Members may charge participants and spectators whatever they wish for such events and keep any profits; AKA does not charge fees or require any payment from members.

Top AKA lifters also qualify to become members of Team USA, the official team selected to represent the United States in the IUKL World Championship held each November. Since first competing in 2013 Team USA has progressed to being the 5th ranked kettlebell sport team in the world out of over 50 countries participating.