Where your functional strength begins...
— Kettlebell Hot Spot

Are YOU ready to move on from traditional training programs where the results from your efforts are non-existent?  Are you looking for MORE from your trainers and better results?  Want to have fun and change the way your body looks and feels?  Are you ready to gain the most incredible functional strength you have ever dreamed of? Do you want to take ownership of your health and fitness goals but need that extra boost of being accountable?  Then Kettlebell Hot Spot is for you!  Proper technique and use of the Kettlebell is taught from the ground up.  Everyone will learn and advance their skills while training with world Champion lifters.  Learn from the best!
The more time you spend under the Kettlebell, the more you want to lift it!  As you transition from our Kettlebell fitness classes to a higher level of lifting, you may choose to advance to Kettlebell Sport Training.    Our Kettlebell Sport Programing is designed for the seasoned athlete who is interested in advancement of their Kettlebell Sport techniques.  Reaching levels of fitness never thought attainable.  Join our KBHS TEAM by enrolling in our Kettlebell Sport Program and start living the dream of the athlete within.



I've heard it many times over..."If I had been taught Kettlebell as a child, I could have been so much stronger both in mind and body."
 Kettlebell Hot Spot believes true fitness is a lost art. We are all concerned that America has become a less physically active nation, our fitness values have changed, and we have lost our functional strength.  So we are starting at the beginning, teaching and training our youth in our community what we wished we could have learned...MORE KETTLEBELL!   Never too old, never too young to start lifting Kettlebells!


Kettlebell training builds the bridge between